Vol 4, No 2 (2017): Autumn (November)



Dorottya Nagy


In this study polyethylene film was made while some of the film blowing parameters were changed. These parameters were the extruder speed, rolling speed and film diameter. From the films samples were cut in two directions (parallel and perpendicular to the rolling direction), then tensile strength and geometric properties were examined. These measurements are appropriate to confirm the orientation process and to show the effect of the parameters. The fact that extruder and rolling speed influence geometric sizes, was revealed. Generally, the extruder or rolling speed raises film width and reduces film thickness. Also processing diameter has a similar effect for these properties. Extruder or rolling speed increases, while diameter demolishes tensile strength. However, these curves do not show linear behavior. The phenomenon of orientation was confirmed, while usually the parallel samples have the highest tensile strength.


Keywords: film blowing, polyethylene, tensile strength, orientation, processing parameters,


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