On maximum throughput in BitTorrent

Elvira Dobjánné Antal, and Tamás Vinkó


The resource allocation problem requesting maximum through- put in BitTorrent networks is investigated. It is known from the literature that the total throughput of BitTorrent is far from the the- oretical maximum. However, direct implementation of the uncon- strained maximum flow model into BitTorrent is not desirable, due to the necessity of further social considerations. This paper aims to produce more realistic upper bound for maximum throughput in BitTorrent networks by suggesting new model variants to move the maximum flow model closer to the rules of a typical BitTorrent community. Numerical experiments are done on those modified models, introducing lower bounds and balancing constraints on the amount of downloading and uploading, to verify their impact. Additionally, computational results are presented for comparing the network linear program model and the standard algebraic model of the maximum flow problem in AMPL.


Keywords: resource allocation, flow network, BitTorrent, linear programming,


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